Top Texts for October 2021

Danni Cooke has chosen some brilliant texts for Year 3-4

Rainbow Grey

by Laura Ellen Anderson

Ray Grey’s world is about to change forever in this fun adventure story based in Celestia, a city in the sky in the magical ‘Weatherlands’. Ray lives with the other weatherlings who have magical powers. Ray doesn’t mind that she doesn’t have weather powers and has always wanted to be an earth explorer just like her hero La Blaze Delight.

Ray gets up to many exciting adventures alongside her cloud cat Nim and her two best friends Droplett and Snowden. This magical climate change themed story is all about friendship, not giving up and saving the world!

I love everything about this book, the vivid colours on the cover catch your attention and the map and amazing illustrations throughout really absorb you into the wonder of this story.

I can’t wait for further books in this new series by Laura Ellen Anderson.


Agents of the Wild

by Jennifer Bell & illustrated by Alice Lickens

Agnes Gamble (an 8 year old ‘Spears’ secret agent) and partner (elephant shrew Agent Attenborough – otherwise known as Attie) are off on their most perilous mission yet. This adventure takes them to Egypt to save missing animals that are sought after for illegal animal trade. Agnes’ science of nature inspired special tools and gadgets such as her communication pin, which helps her to understand all animals aid her throughout this quest.

This book shows us that we can find friends in the most unexpected places if we look hard enough and that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions and judge a book by its cover.

You can find out more details about the different animals through facts at the back of the book which are a great discussion point. Another great book in the Agents of the Wild Series by Jennifer Bell. These books are based on a wildlife conservation theme.

Big Sky Mountain

by Alex Milway

Rosa Wild, the main character in this story swaps the hustle and bustle of city life for her Grandma Nan’s remote log cabin in the Big Sky Mountain where the horizon is never ending. Rosa and Nan get up to some exciting adventures alongside many animal friends. My favourite animal friends in this book include Mr Hibberdee, the travelling sales bear who sells Rosa honey and Albert the Moose, whose head is always popping in through the open window.

This book has a great environmental message, it is full of kindness and friendship. This story is interspersed with captivating illustrations and a map at the front of the book so you can look at the different quirky places that Rosa and Nan journey to. This book helps us to consider how great it feels to be free in the wilderness which is a stark contrast to a noisy city that Rosa is used to.

I am a big fan of Alex Milway’s Flamingo Hotel Series and this new book didn’t disappoint.

Danni Cooke

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