Top Texts for June 2022

Megan Graham has chosen some delightful text recommendations for this month

Willow Wildthing and the Swamp Monster

by Gill Lewis illustrated by Rebecca Bagley

When Willow crosses the boundary to the patch of woodland behind her house, something amazing happens: she enters The Wilderness, where magic and nature collide. This beautifully illustrated adventure celebrates friendship, imagination and the joy of exploring nature. Join Willow and her new friends, the Wild Things as they encounter secrets, shadows, a witch and even a monster. For when you are in The Wilderness, the only limit to the world is your imagination.

The Crackle Dawn Dragon

by Abi Elphinstone

Abi Elphinstone writes magical adventure stories based on her travels around the world. This latest instalment in the Unmapped Chronicles series includes fire krakens, underwater palaces and a talking chameleon! It also features 11-year-old Zebedee Bolt, on the run from his foster family and determined never to trust anyone ever again. That is, until Zeb finds himself hauled into the kingdom of Crackledawn by an evil harpy called Morg. Can Zeb learn to put his faith in his friends, to save Crackledawn and defeat Morg once and for all?

Race to the Frozen North

by Catherine Johnson

Race to the Frozen North tells the remarkable story of Matthew Henson, the first man to reach the North Pole. A little luck and a lot of hard work led to a life of adventure for Henson on the high seas and in the Arctic, but back home in America his achievements were ignored due to the colour of his skin. Written in simple, easy-to-read language, this is accessible historical fiction that will appeal to readers of all abilities.


About this month's reviewer

Megan Graham works for Scottish Book Trust. In her current role she manages Reading Schools, a national accreditation programme that helps schools in Scotland to prioritise reading for pleasure. To find out more about Reading Schools visit or email