Top Texts for January 2022

Katie Bareham has selected some delightful picture fiction for this month.

We're Going to find the Monster

by Malorie Blackman illustrated by Dapo Adeola

Join two intrepid adventurers as their imaginations transform their house into a wild wonderland – and their big brother becomes a mighty monster. A joy to read-aloud with its cumulative refrain, and full of funny, relatable characters, this is a contemporary celebration of creativity, fantasy and family. Children love this fun, simple story, and there’s lots of opportunities for the children to act out certain parts (rowing, climbing, sneaking, roaring like tigers etc). The illustrations are bright, engaging and inclusive.


Coming to England

by Floella Benjamin Illusstrated by Diane Ewen

Baroness Floella Benjamin turns her autobiography, of the same name, into a book for children. Filled with optimism and joy, yet deeply personal and relevant, young children will follow Floella’s experiences of moving home and making friends. Alongside vibrant illustrations by Diane Ewen, this powerful story shows little people how courage and determination can always overcome adversity.

Barbara Throws a Wobbler

by Nadia Shireen

Barbara is having a bad day, until finally she throws a real wobbler, and a big red cloud appears above her head and stays there. She eventually realises she is in control…with a bit of effort, can she make it the wobbler disappear? This book is a fun way to talk to kids about temper tantrums – there are lots of roars that can be read together! There is also a nice page right at the end, with illustrations of different types of bad moods (The Sulk, The Tizzy etc).

Katie Bareham

About this month's reviewer

Katie Bareham is CEO of Doorstep Library, a children’s literacy charity dedicated to bringing the gift of books and the joy of reading directly into the homes of children living in under-resourced areas across London.

Doorstep Library uses books to fuel children’s natural love of stories, fire their imaginations, and encourage their appreciation of reading. The ultimate goal is to help them develop the self-confidence and essential skills they need to access all the opportunities that will come their way in life.