Top Texts for August 2023

Witham St Hughs have sent some wonderful recommedations for this month

My Thoughts are Clouds

by Georgia Heard and illustrated by Isabel Roxas

Have you ever reached your destination and not realised how you got there or read a page in a book and are unable to recall what you read? A collection of poems encouraging and guiding you in the practice of mindfulness exercises.

Such inspiring and theraputic poems. The use of different types of poem format and calming illustrations capture your senses. The mindfulness experience can be enhanced by reading the poetry out loud, to yourself or even in front of a mirror.


The Midnight Fair

by Gideon Sterer and illustrated by Mariachiara Di Giorgio

The woodland creatures watch longingly as people enjoy the fair’s attractions. They watch with patience as the fair closes and is secured for the night. The midnight fair’s magic now starts to take effect. Follow the woodland creatures as they experience the thrills and excitement of the rides and stalls.

A wonderfully illustrated and clever picture book. Enjoy creating your own story to go with the images. Such an imaginative way to share the joy of storytelling.

When the Sky Falls

by Phil Earle

It’s 1941, all over the country children are being evacuated from cities to the countryside. Yet, Joseph has been sent from the relative safety of rural Yorkshire to the melee of the Blitz in London. He arrives an angry, deeply troubled 12 year old, but after befriending Adonis the gorilla, he gradually learns to trust and conquer his demons.

Phil writes with a depth of emotion which immerses you deep within Joseph’s story and wartime London.

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