Invitations to share the love of reading 3-16 years

These mini reading challenges are invitations to engage and share the love of reading!

RfP PEdagogy Diagram

Inspired by the work of Mayflower Community Academy in Plymouth, a team of talented teachers invented these fun challenges for each age phase. They’re underpinned by OU research which shows that reading for pleasure is supported by reading aloud, time to read and to chat about reading in a social environment.

The invitations are linked to our rich practice checklist to support the love of reading: they are Learner led- Informal- Social -and with Texts that Tempt.

Invite children to engage and share

Feel free to send to children and invite them to participate and share visuals, snaps, comments, pictures of their responses with their teachers and friends. Eve Vollans, the English lead at Mayflower Community Academy recommends sharing on whatever platforms school use. This increases participation and builds reading communities.

Teachers and parents as reading role models can participate and share the love too!

Feel free to use this OU Sharing the Love of Reading Padlet if you wish to share your responses more widely. All uploads are moderated and uploads should not feature the faces of young people or ways to identify them until we are aware that parental/carer permission has been given through letting us know at

Thanks to Reading Group Leaders: Kath Brereton, Lucy Rodriquez Leon, Eve Vollans, Phoebe Lawton, Claire Williams, Jon Biddle, Justine Lister, Hannah Grace and Alice Penfold.

Sharing the Love of Reading 3-5

Sharing the Love of Reading 5-7

Sharing the Love of Reading 7-9

Sharing the Love of Reading 9-11

Sharing the Love of Reading 11-16

Invite! Engage! Enjoy! Share!


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