Sharing the Love of Reading: Teachers

Sharing the Love of Reading among Student Teachers and Teachers

These mini reading challenges are invitations to engage and share the love of reading!

Inspired by the work of Mayflower Community Academy in Plymouth, they are underpinned by OU research which shows that RfP is supported by reading aloud, time to read and to chat about reading in a social environment.

They are linked to our rich practice checkLIST to support the love of reading: and are Learner led- Informal- Social -and with Texts that Tempt.

Why not participate, extend your pleasure in reading, and share? Visuals, snaps, comments and pictures of your responses with each other on your course and with other teachers across the UK!

The OU’s Sharing Padlet is here!

Our thanks to Emma Rogers a Reading Group Leader from Bishop Grosseteste and Megan Jarman, a student teacher and TRG member from Plymouth for the Student teacher version!

Our thanks to the Plymouth TRG for the teacher version!

Engage! Enjoy! Share! Win!

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