Schools & Teachers

If reading for pleasure is a key strategic priority in your school or Trust, the OU’s extensive work and expertise in this area could be just what you need to achieve your goals. Learn more here about our highly-acclaimed Reading Schools Programme: Building a Culture of Reading. 

The OU and UKLA are supporting over 90 Teachers’ Reading Groups across the UK and beyond in 2019-20. These groups provide free CPD for teachers, teaching assistants, early years professionals, librarians and others to enrich their understanding of reading for pleasure (RfP) and how to support it.

The Open University works with 36 HEI partners to support them in developing the next generation of Reading Teachers, (Student teachers and ECTs), who effectively support choice led reading in childhood and beyond. 

Children need support to develop the habit and love of reading. Three core strategies support readers, as our OU research indicates, and these are reading aloud, time to read as a family, and book chat. Find time and space to hear stories, and to read and talk informally about what you’re reading. This really makes a big difference. 

The will to read influences the skill and vice versa (OECD, 2010).

If you want to enrich your school’s practice, make stronger links with parents around reading and ensure all staff are well positioned to nurture life-long readers, then make use of this research-informed site.