Reading for Pleasure: What, why and how

Are you seeking to foster reading for pleasure in your classroom and/or school? If so, are you sure what this means and how to achieve it? Is it just children listening to stories and enjoying them? And why are you working towards this goal in any case? What are the long-term benefits of being a keen reader in childhood? This article responds to these questions, explores the challenges you might face and signposts you to additional resources and courses that can help. Do read on!

Professor Teresa Cremin is Co-Director of the OU’s Literacy and Social Justice Centre and leads the reading for pleasure team to develop the life-changing habit of reading in all children (and teachers). An ex-teacher, and ITT educator, Teresa has published over 30 books on teaching literacy and is an appointed DfE RfP expert, a Fellow of the English Association, the Academy of Social Sciences and the RSA.