A Story Like the Wind

written by Gill Lewis, illustrated by Jo Weaver


A group of people are fleeing their country… on a small boat, with a small hope, in a rising wind, on a rising sea. This small hope comes from stories shared between them – stories that unite them

Why we think you should read this book

It kept us questioning. It took us an hour to discuss one page. It evoked different emotions in all of us at different points. It proved us wrong. It taught us to try books that we wouldn’t have chosen. We’ve started a new book but we’re still thinking about A Story Like the Wind three weeks later.

Questions we would ask the author

Why did you write this book?What was your inspiration and reasoning?
If there hadn’t been endpapers at the front and back, what would you have wanted us to imagine?
Why a horse?

About Our Class

Where we are
We are the Year 6 class at St. Andrew’s C of E Primary School in Halstead.