ownership - Examples of Practice

How do you know what you like?

Place of work name: St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Place of work address: Connor Road Work postcode: RM9 5UL File Upload: Marcela Vasques – How-do-you-know_-RfP-EOP-SH

Chatter Books

Place of work name: The Cambridge Primary school Place of work address: The Cambridge Primary School, Queen's Avenue Work postcode: GU11 4AA File Upload: Sue

Did someone say LIBRARY!

Place of work name: Aspin Park Academy Place of work address: Aspin Park Academy, Wetherby Road Work postcode: HG5 8LQ File Upload: Lizzie Selway –

Developing Reading Communities

Place of work name: Lapal Primary School Place of work address: Priory Road, Halesowen, Work postcode: B62 0BZ File Upload: Lapal-Primary-School-Award-2021-Whole-School-Winner

Babble of the Books

Place of work name: Elmhurst Primary School Place of work address: Upton Park Rd, London Work postcode: E7 8JY File Upload: Adiba Khatun RfP-Project-363c3621 –

Learning to Love Reading

Place of work name: BRANFIL PRIMARY SCHOOL Place of work address: CEDAR AVENUE Work postcode: RM14 2LW File Upload: EOP-Natalie-Sansom-June-21-602a9d03 – CS