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literature - Examples of Practice

Developing Reading Communities

Place of work name: Lapal Primary School Place of work address: Priory Road, Halesowen, Work postcode: B62 0BZ File Upload: Lapal-Primary-School-Award-2021-Whole-School-Winner

Learning to Love Reading

Place of work name: BRANFIL PRIMARY SCHOOL Place of work address: CEDAR AVENUE Work postcode: RM14 2LW File Upload: EOP-Natalie-Sansom-June-21-602a9d03 – CS

Prioritising Poetry

Place of work name: Mortimer Primary School Place of work address: Mortimer Road, Tyne and Wear Work postcode: NE34 0RW File Upload: EOP_Rebecca-Douglas-a743938f (1) (1)

Project Poetry!

Place of work name: University of Greenwich Place of work address: Bexley Road Work postcode: SE9 2PQ File Upload: Reading-for-Pleasure-Candace-Chidgey-2a8ca783 – CS

Telling it Together with Story Sacks

Place of work name: Stockport Continuing Education Place of work address: The Hardman Centre, Hardman Street, Stockport Work postcode: SK3 0Bj File Upload: Pamela Davenport