Kieran Larwood

Kieran's books have won several awards, including the Blue Peter Best Story and the Prix Sorcières. He is inspired by a life-long love of fantasy stories.
Kieran Larwood

What was your favourite childhood book and why?

The book that made me into a reader and also introduced me to the fantasy genre was The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien. I was sucked in the minute I opened the cover and saw the map of Middle Earth inside. It was the first time I realised that books don’t have to be set in the real world and that they can take you on magical adventures anywhere in space and time.

Which of your own books is your favourite and why?

I always tend to be more excited about my latest book, but I do have a soft spot for The Legend Of Podkin One-Ear as it was the beginning of an epic adventure through my own fantasy world (which is still continuing six years later). All the characters are like old friends and family to me now, and I am so happy when one of them pops up in a later book to say hello.

Why do you choose to read? 

My favourite thing about reading is getting lost in another universe. It’s a great way to escape, especially if you have any stresses or worries or just fancy nipping off to a place where dragons and magic exist. It’s also a brilliant way to build and exercise your imagination. When you are reading, your brain is taking the author’s words and turning them into pictures and sounds. You can hear the characters’ voices in your head, you can feel the same emotions as them. You go through the same experiences. All of that helps grow the creative side of your brain, which makes you better at just about everything. So reading is fun, exciting, transporting and also brain-building!