Joshua Seigal

Joshua Seigal is a multiple award winning poet, performer and educator. He is the author of 'I Don't Like Poetry' and many other acclaimed books. His website is
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What was your favourite childhood book and why?

My favourite childhood book was ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. I loved the humour and the sense of menace. There was a darkness to the comedy that definitely appealed to me. I also loved ‘Don’t Put Mustard in the Custard’ by Michael Rosen, which is a book of funny poems. It came with a cassette tape which we would listen to in the car on the way to school. I still have the theme tune in my head.

Which of your own books is your favourite and why?

My books are like my children – it’s very hard to pick a favourite! My most well known and popular book is probably ‘I Don’t Like Poetry’. However, I am especially proud of my book ‘Who Let the Words Out?’ This took a long time to write, and it has a real mixture of funny and sad poems, and I think it is probably my best book so far. It has lots of weird and wonderful words, and really showcases my love of language.

Why do you choose to read? 

I read for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because I want to find out new information; sometimes its because I want to escape from something that is happening in the world, and sometimes it’s simply because I want to laugh. The most important reason for reading is that it expands our minds and makes us more human.


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