OU Reading Schools Programme 2022-2023

Do you want to: Improve children’s reading attainment? Enhance children’s reading for pleasure and wellbeing? Strengthen the leadership of reading? Develop staff knowledge and practice to motivate all children? Enrich home-school relationships around reading? ‘Since engaging with the research and working with The OU we have seen a transformation in our reading culture.’ English Hub […]

Student Teachers as Readers: The ITE responsibility

This blog, by UKLA President Roger Macdonald, is the third in a series arising from the OU Student Teachers as Readers (STaRs) pilot research into their experiences and identities as readers and their views about supporting children as readers. It reveals cause for concern and the need for support and knowledge expansion in Initial Teacher […]

OU/UKLA Reading for Pleasure Conference: The Thread That Connects

We were delighted to host the Reading for Pleasure: The Thread That Connects conference on Saturday 18th June at The University of Cambridge Primary School. The event, which had been postponed from March 2020, was a fantastic day, drawing in children’s reading and literacy professionals from across the UK. We were joined by wonderful children’s author […]

Southwark TRG: an update from Jonathan Rodgers

The TRG group at CLPE in London is run by Librarian Phoebe Demeger and Advisory Teacher Jonny Rodgers. It’s quite a challenge – but an enjoyable one – to suggest new texts to discuss that our incredibly passionate and well and widely read group don’t already know, and the first getting-to-know-you session had some amazing […]

Nuthall TRG: an update from Carl Pattison

The Flying High TRG kicked off with some excellent book PR: A whole host of poetry books were shared and a few of us were open and expressed that we do not usually read poetry. However, poems were shared and various recommendations were given which soon addressed that! The discussions flowed throughout the session and […]

Reading and Writing for Pleasure: Exploring systems and synergies that make a difference

The OU is research partner for the Mercers’ Company Special Initiative (2020-2023), funding six London-based programmes to develop reading and/or writing for pleasure with children and young people. This is the third blog in the series exploring the backgrounds, aims and approaches of these engaging programmes. Reading and Writing for Pleasure: Exploring systems and synergies […]

St Mary’s University South West London TRG: an update from Finola Utton

Our second session focussed on diversity in children’s literature and all our members brought a wonderful selection to book blether. Using the CLPE Reflecting Realities report as a starting point we explored key leaders in this field and how the industry is responding to the lack of diversity. Our own practice was reflected upon when […]

Blue Peter Awards 2022

Announced in a special edition of Blue Peter, the 2022 winners of The Best Story and The Best Book of Facts were voted for by hundreds of primary school children around the UK, after shortlists had been drawn up by a panel of judges.

OU RfP Newsletter LIVE! 26th April

We are delighted to have hosted another successful OU RfP Newsletter Live, a rapid-fire virtual event dedicated to the latest in Reading for Pleasure. With Professor Teresa Cremin hosting, this virtual event covered a range of useful topics to help you enrich your practice and nurture your pupils’ love of reading. Top Texts – the best […]

Rochdale TRG: an update from Clare McGreevy

Rochdale TaRs Group are all geared up for a fantastic RfP year ahead in 2022! Teresa joined us to share a wonderful picture book by David Lucas – The Robot and the Bluebird – and we discussed the huge impact of good social reading environments in classrooms. Colleagues shared the great practice going on in […]

Leyburn TRG: an update from Sarah Beveridge

Due to the current situation in schools with large numbers of staff and pupils affected, we had a much smaller Teacher’s Reading Group meeting for our third session. What we lost in numbers, we more than made up for in discussion and all felt re-energised as a result. Children seeing themselves as readers and reading […]

Geneva TRG: an update from Chris Baker

Our second meeting broadened our knowledge of picture books – we added these to our online “blether board” – a mix of old and new and reminded ourselves that they DO have a place in KS2! We reflected on schools’ book borrowing cultures: how to ensure younger readers get chances to choose books purely for […]

Trafford TRG: an update from Vicki Johnson and Wendi Swann

The Trafford Primary TRG launched again in October, bringing a new cohort of teachers, headteachers and librarians together to explore the Reading for Pleasure agenda. We were delighted to use the TRG launch materials in a virtual reading conference with Joseph Coelho and Alex Quigley, where we presented to school and subject leaders about the […]

Bi-Borough TRG: an update from Angela Jenkins

It is a delight to be in our second year of facilitating a TRG in West London (Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and beyond). Our new group consists of 15 members, including class teachers, subject leaders, teaching assistants and senior leaders. It’s wonderful that a number of schools have signed-up at least 2 colleagues. Based on […]

A Comparison of Children’s Reading on Paper v Screen

This 2021 paper by Norwegian researchers examines findings across international studies that compare children’s learning outcomes with digital and paper books.  It focuses on children’s story comprehension and vocabulary learning in relation to several variables. Which was most effective? Read on to find out! A Comparison of Children’s Reading on Paper Versus Screen: A Meta-Analysis […]

Blackbird Leys, Oxford TRG: An update from Matthew Courtney

Our group is a mix of primary and secondary teachers and an independent bookseller! We have enjoyed beginning to explore the OU RfP Website and related research during our virtual sessions. We have been really lucky to be joined by Tony from the Alligator’s Mouth Bookshop (Richmond), who has shared some brilliant children’s texts none of us […]

Buckinghamshire TRG: an update from Lucy Catten

We met for the first time in November and are off to a flying start!  21 members signed up, representing 14 schools with roles including: TAs, ECTs, English Leads and members of SLT. This is testament to the importance placed on RfP in schools and we’re very excited to get stuck in! This tweet by […]

The Farshore Reading For Pleasure 2021 Award Winners

The 2021 Farshore Reading for Pleasure Awards, run by Farshore in partnership with The Open University and UK Literacy Association, celebrated huge achievements amongst inspirational, dedicated individuals. Launched in 2017, these awards aim to recognise teachers and schools whose research-informed practices make a real difference to children’s reading for pleasure. We were delighted to see […]

UKLA Book Awards 2021

The only national book awards judged by teachers! United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) Book Awards are now in their 13th year. The 2021 winners were announced virtually on July 1st alongside the result of the teacher’s Shadowing choices. For the first time in this category the judges selected Joint Winners because both novels were considered […]

YA Book Prize 2021

The YA Book Prize launched in 2014 to award a YA title written by an author living in the UK or Ireland. Organised by book trade magazine The Bookseller and run in partnership with Hay Festival. The shortlist is selected by a team at The Bookseller and the winner is selected by a panel of […]

Reading for Pleasure Student Ambassador scheme

The Open University and the UKLA launched a new Reading for Pleasure Student Ambassador scheme in April this year and we are already hearing such great things about their work! The RfP Ambassadors are trainee Primary Teachers who have just completed their 2nd year of teacher training. They work in pairs or threes and are […]

Dubai TRG: an update from Mary Rose Grieve

Our Dubai TRG has become rather more international this year with members from Milan, Malaysia and Nigeria, as well as from across Dubai. After a story (John Brown, ‘Rose and the Midnight Cat’) we all introduced ourselves and described a favourite book from their childhood in just one word – more difficult than we thought!  […]

Six literacy organisations and their rapid response to Covid-19

The Open University’s research team has been involved with six collaborative projects exploring effective approaches methodologies in Reading for Pleasure. This blog reviews how these projects had to adapt in response to the pandemic-related challenges of the past 18 months. FINAL-Mercers-Blog-2.pdf (ourfp.org)

South Lanarkshire TRG: an update from Susan Brownlie

The South Lanarkshire secondary TRG launched again in September, bringing a new cohort of our secondary teachers and school librarians together. Word had spread about the way the TRG invigorates people’s passion for RfP and this was evident in the numbers wanting to take part. We started with a chapter from Pam Smy’s ‘The Hideaway’ before […]

Sainsbury’s Book Awards 2021

Now in their eighth year, the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Awards, run in partnership with BookTrust aim to highlight the best children’s books for families to share together. Judged by a panel of experts, the awards aim to encourage parents and carers to spend more time reading with their children. Baby and Toddler Winner: Sometimes Babies […]

The Little Rebels Children’s Book Award 2021

The Little Rebels Children’s Book Award recognises children’s fiction (for readers aged 0-12) which promotes social justice or social equality, challenges stereotypes or is informed by anti-discriminatory concerns. The award is given by the Alliance of Radical Booksellers.

The Klaus Flugge Prize 2021

The Klaus Flugge Prize was established in 2016 and is funded personally by Klaus Flugge and run independently of Andersen Press, the publishing house which he founded in 1976, and which has published some of the most iconic picture books of all time such as Not Now Bernard, Tadpole’s Promise and Elmer.

The CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2021

The CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal was established in 1955, for distinguished illustration in a book for children. Awarded by librarians annually, the Medal is the only prize in the UK to solely reward outstanding illustration in a children’s book.

English 4-11 Picture Book Awards 2021

Established in 1995, the English 4-11 Picture book Awards are presented by the English Association to the best children’s picture books of the year.

Digital Book Awards

Digital Book Awards

The Children’s Digital Book Award is the only award focused on children’s reading on screen and judged by teachers. It recognises innovation, creativity and excellence in digital book publishing.

The British Book Awards 2021

First launched in 1990 and now run by The Bookseller, the British Book Awards seek to showcase and celebrate the best books, the best bookshops and the best publishers.

Blue Peter Awards 2021

Announced on World Book Day in a special edition of Blue Peter, the 2021 winners of The Best Story and The Best Book of Facts were voted for by over 300 children from 12 participating schools around the UK, after shortlists had been drawn up by a panel of judges

Cardiff TRG: an update from Jo Bowers

Cardiff TRG has now completed its third year! This year we have been completely online and we have seen that this has brought us benefits. It has meant that teachers from a little further afield, who would not have been able to travel into Cardiff after the school day have been able to join us. […]