Host a Summer Booknic – 2024!

The OURfP team invite you to host a Summer Booknic with your school, class, or reading group! A chance to read, relax, eat and discuss books together, to build reading together memories and offer support for reading.  Our research shows that social reading environments matter. Do share with us using #OURfPBooknic in your photos! Booknic […]

Interesting facts: children’s nonfiction engagement

Nonfiction has been far less studied than fiction in relation to volitional reading, so do read this new study by Anezka Kuzmikova and Marketa Supa from Czechia. A fascinating exploration of the affective experiences, or pleasures, that children (aged 9-11 years) seek in their engagements with facts. Their toolkit to help understand child-led nonfiction reading as […]

Widening Teachers’ Reading Repertoires: Moving beyond a Popular Childhood Canon

The OU team have long argued teachers need rich repertoires of children’s texts. This paper, drawing on data from England and Finland, reveals that in line with the surveys of practicing teachers, trainees also rely upon a narrow range of high-profile authors that lack diversity. Teresa Cremin and colleagues reflect on the reasons for professional […]

Exploring children’s embodied story experiences: a toolkit for research and practice

In this fascinating and innovative article, Anezka Kuzmikova from Czechia draws on children’s focus groups and interviews to investigate their perceptions of bodily engagement when making meaning based on stories. The resultant toolkit has potential value to practitioners – teachers, carers and library workers – who wish to help children become more aware of their […]