Reading Role Models

Place of work name: Coleshill Heath Primary School Place of work address: Coleshill Heath Primary School, Lime Grove Work postcode: B37 7PY File Upload: C Whiting-D Johnson-S Ealing – Highly Commended Experienced Teacher

Building on the foundations

Place of work name: Moorlands Primary Academy Place of work address: Moorland Way Work postcode: NR31 9PA File Upload: Moorlands – Winner Whole School

Becoming a ‘Lifetime Reader’

Place of work name: Lea Forest Primary Academy Place of work address: Hurstcroft Road, Kitts Green, Birmingham Work postcode: B33 9RD File Upload: Lea Forest Primary – Highly Commended Wholeschool

Reading aloud to create meaningful bonds

Place of work name: East Tilbury Primary School and Nursery Place of work address: Princess Margaret Road Work postcode: RM18 8SB File Upload: Victoria Percival -ETPS-example-of-practice-1c0dd235 (1) – CS