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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure is the entitlement of every child, yet how can we foster readers’ desire and engagement?

Our research, a two phase Open University and UK Literacy Association project, examined children’s and teachers’ reading lives, and established effective ways to support Reading for Pleasure (RfP).

Working with 27 schools we gathered evidence of the subject knowledge and pedagogical practices that nurture readers desire to read. The importance of fostering readers’ agency and an informal, social and invitational RfP ethos is key, alongside rich professional repertoires of children’s texts that tempt. To explore the findings and Examples of Teachers’ RfP Practice that reflect them, click on the findings circles.

This RfP website seeks to support a vibrant professional community of teachers, student teachers, librarians, teaching assistants and literacy coordinators. To keep up to date sign up for our monthly newsletter with new books, free PowerPoints for CPD, videos and innovative Examples. Do share your own practice too.

My latest article for the @NEUnion Educate magazine explores why we need to get to know our pupils as readers, and whether the Reading for Pleasure provision we feel we're offering is always the same as the one the children feel we're offering. @salaam_max #edutwitter

This #EmpathyCheckin with @MichaelRosenYes is well worth exploring in class over the next few days. A wonderful video, a book giveaway and a chance to reflect upon the past few months. Thank you @EmpathyLabUK. We need you more than ever.

And we're off! We're delighted to welcome everyone to the virtual ceremony for our 2021 Information Book Award. 🏆

We hope you're all sitting comfortably and are ready for an exciting evening of celebrating some of the best children's information books this year. #IBA21

Staying up-to-date with children's literature enables you to select texts, engage as a reader & make tailored reader to reader recommendations.

If you're stuck with where to start, check out some of these recommended Top Texts 📚:


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Illustration by Chris Riddell