Children’s Scented Stories – Wednesday 22 May 2024 – 2-3pm

A Literacy and Social Justice Centre Research Seminar
Children’s Scented Stories – Wednesday 22 May 2024 – 2-3pm

In this presentation, we delve into the often-neglected senses of taste and smell, particularly in digital stories for children. While visual and tactile experiences dominate, smell remains neglected in education and literacy, despite humans’ remarkable ability to detect a trillion distinct scents. The presentation centres on harnessing the potential of smell in a digitised world, exploring effective integration into children’s analogue and digital stories. Drawing on research in Norway and Malawi, Natalia will share insights gained from odour-enhanced stories, engaging children in smell walks, conducting olfactory audits, and designing an exhibition with a smell-enhanced adventure trail. Join us for a captivating exploration of enhancing children’s learning through multisensory engagement.

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