Nottingham Trent University – update from Lizzie Greeley

We had an action-packed and exciting final TRG session last night, the highlight of which was the visit by Emily Wensley –  a previous student at the university and primary school teacher – who is about to have her first children’s book published this week, “The Giant at Number 2” by Tiny Tree Books.  It was fascinating to hear about her journey as an author, from inception of the idea to published book – demonstrating the challenges of the process and the need for perseverance, innovation and resilience – a good message for our young readers and writers!

We also discussed some of the excellent research and practice which emerged from the Nottingham Reading for Pleasure Conference “Book Chatter Matters” and the article on motivating disengaged readers by Teresa Cremin in the NATE magazine – it made us all think very reflectively about our own practices in school – past, present and future.

We said goodbye and hello to outgoing and incoming Reading Ambassadors and it was lovely to hear how this year’s ambassadors have been so inspired by the CPD sessions they have had with the team at the OU UKLA and how it has impacted their practice in school – particularly a focus on social reading environments.

We are all looking keenly ahead to a new academic year of TRG sessions and have already had some great suggestions for ideas about what would benefit attendees.