East Renfrewshire TRG – update from Lucy Cosstick

This is our third year of running a Teachers’ Reading Group (TRG) in East Renfrewshire, Glasgow and we are loving how enthused practitioners are with promoting reading for pleasure in their settings. We have always had a mix of primary and secondary teachers so discussions are interesting with a wide range of views and ideas. This year, the majority of our teachers are looking at how to manipulate spaces to promote book talk and provide social reading environments for learners. Some are going outside with book trolleys and others are developing child-led areas where provocations hook interest in reading for pleasure. One of our secondary colleagues recently discussed the ‘Tribe’ programme created in their school whereby pupils choose from a range of texts identified by teachers and every Friday, year groups mix up and form a ‘tribe’ connected to their chosen text which is read aloud by a teacher. We love this approach and have heard positive stories from teachers and pupils of their excitement and enthusiasm for ‘Tribe’.

We will always be able to see a place for the TRG in our authority and are excited to keep going!