North Devon TRG – update by Amy Le Bredonchel

To coincide with our Character Curriculum themes, every class across the school reads the same text. It’s been wonderful to see the glory of story time fill the school each day. The children have loved the books and many dressed up as the characters for World Book Day. A big favourite has been The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.

Books have been chosen carefully to help children understand abstract concepts: respect, kindness, courage, perseverance, tolerance and wise choices.

In between whole school reads, we now have a whole school library of ‘Mirror and Windows’ books: texts that help children see into the worlds of other cultures, races, religions, invisible differences and text that help children to reflect on how they deal with everyday events and emotions – as well as understand that characters can be just like us too!

Our next whole school text to link with the theme of ‘Wise Choices’ is….Cloud Bursting by Malorie Blackman