Overcoming Barriers to Reading for Pleasure

World Book Day and the Reading for Pleasure team at The Open University have been working in partnership over the last several years to connect research and practice with the World Book Day campaign. This year we are looking to focus on the development of children’s reading identities and the very particular influence the reading identity of teachers has on this.

OU research indicates strong relationship between teachers and children’s reader identities (Cremin et al., 2022).  This webinar, Overcoming barriers to Reading for Pleasure, is the introduction to a series of four vlogs which will be released in the months following World Book Day. Each will explore a different barrier to reading for pleasure that children have reported and considers some solutions, as Reading Teachers. 

We hope this series will stimulate discussion and reflection amongst those interested in fostering a genuine reading for pleasure community.

In other news

OURfP Newsletter Live! 5th December

We are delighted to host another OU RfP Newsletter Live, a rapid-fire event dedicated to the latest in Reading for Pleasure. With Professor Teresa Cremin