Malvern TRG – update from Helen Hadley and Liam Hanson

The Malvern Teacher’s Reading Group is going great guns and have had two meetings so far: our Launch and our first proper meeting. Each time, we have shared the Open University updates and have had excellent professional discussions about books that we love.

We are really lucky that our group has an excellent range of teachers from different schools, a secondary school librarian and our Malvern Librarian! Many great partnerships and connections have been forged with schools working closely with libraries.

In our November meeting, we made a list of shared targets that we are going to work to achieve this year. Amongst them were:

  • finding ways for pupils to recommend books to others e.g. Adopt a Book Shelf
  • holding book blanket sessions to encourage book talk.
  • collaborating with each other to promote reading.

In every session, we share books we love. Above is a photo of us with our Christmas classics.