OURfP Newsletter Live! 5th December

We are delighted to host another OU RfP Newsletter Live, a rapid-fire event dedicated to the latest in Reading for Pleasure.

With Professor Teresa Cremin hosting, this virtual event will cover a range of useful topics to help you enrich your practice and nurture your pupils’ love of reading.

Join us as we explore:

  • Top Texts – the best recommended reads for children across different ages and genres
  • Examples of Practice – two inspiring examples of teachers using RfP pedagogy to measure and improve their school’s success
  • Author in the Spotlight – Mark Bradley! Fantastic children’s author Mark Bradley will be telling us what’s inspired him, his favourite books and why he loves to read
  • Teachers’ Reading Group updates – TRG leaders tell us what they’ve been doing and share useful advice from their group
  • New research

Newsletter Live! Watch this lively discussion, packed with valuable content and tips to support your classroom practice.


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