Free Badged Online Reading for Pleasure Course

Explore current theory, research and debates around supporting children’s reading engagement in this free online course, Developing Reading for Pleasure: Engaging Young Readers.

Aimed at teachers, teaching assistants, school leaders,  reading volunteers, parents and all those interested in nurturing children’s reading, participants will gain knowledge and strategies to help promote reading for pleasure across schools, homes and communities.

This online course includes 8 sessions:

  1. The importance of childhood reading
  2. Being a reader
  3. The power of narrative
  4. Knowing your texts, knowing your readers
  5. Reading for Pleasure pedagogy
  6. Building reading communities in school
  7. Supporting children as readers at home
  8. Enticing reluctant readers and addressing challenges


The course has been written by Dr Lucy Rodriguez Leon, Professor Teresa Cremin, Dr Helen Hendry and Dr Sarah Jane Mukherjee from The Open University.


In other news

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