Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2022 Winner announced

The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize has announced the 2022 winner is:

If The World Were 100 People

by Jackie McCann and Aaron Cushley

ISBN: 978-1405298070 (Red Shed)

Announcing the winner, the prize described the book as, ‘A thought-provoking read that offers real insight and a unique and accessible way to understand complex topics from genetics to medicine and technology. On each page, the Earth’s population is distilled into a village of 100 people, and every person represents 80 million people in the real world. By focusing on just 100 people, it’s easier to see the things we have in common, and the things that make us different.’

Prize Chair, Prof. Alan Wilson said: ‘The power of this book lies in its simple yet relatable numbers and powerful imagery, which conveys how much we all have in common but also how many people still do not have things many of us may take for granted, from clean water to the internet. I hope the data and ideas in this book will help the younger generation think about how we can work together to tackle these issues, and what the world’s ‘global village’ may look like in the future.’

The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize aims to promote literacy in young people and to inspire them to read about science. It also supports the writing of excellent, accessible STEM books for under-14s. For more information on the Prize, visit: Young People’s Book Prize – Children’s Science Books | Royal Society

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