Stirling TRG – Update from Carol Ann Neil

Our brand-new Stirling OU TRG is up & running! Meetings have been full of reading for pleasure enthusiasm, vibrancy and support from each and every member.

We have a shared passion for promoting RfP in the primary classroom. Our focus on improving outcomes for learners is supported by rich collaboration, discussion and a commitment to RfP development work. We recently discussed the four aspects of RfP pedagogy, spending time exploring the structure of the OU RfP website and the Examples of Practice (EOPs). We have also been sharing development with our RfP action plans so far. Ideas such as ‘Old but Gold’ reads have been tried & tested! Some of our members are focusing on their Social Reading Environments, increasing access to a range of titles considering diversity & inclusivity. It was so lovely to hear how in one TRG member’s school, children challenged their teachers to read and finish a new book during the winter break to then share with the class in the new term. We have been discussing how teacher – pupil relationships and knowing our pupils as readers and as individuals are key to finding and selecting ‘Texts that Tempt’ that will encourage our young readers. Such great RfP work in motion! We are continuing our development work in our schools, documenting our findings and the noticeable changes and impact.