OU/UKLA Reading for Pleasure Conference: Reading Teachers

Reading Teachers – capital R, capital T – are not just school based teachers of reading. Nor are they simply teachers who read. Reading Teachers are enhanced professionals and reading role models who reflect upon the relationship between being a reader and a teacher of reading, adjusting their work to make the experience of reading more authentic, and more relevant. We were pleased to have so many Reading Teachers attend our conference in Milton Keynes on 1 October 2022 – all with a passionate interest in creating engaged communities of readers. How wonderful to also have award-winning author Katya Balen with us to share her experiences, enriching the day and highlighting the importance of knowing your readers.  Follow #OURfPConf on Twitter to see what happened on the day.

To see photos and reflections on the day click here.

In other news

OURfP Newsletter Live! 5th December

We are delighted to host another OU RfP Newsletter Live, a rapid-fire event dedicated to the latest in Reading for Pleasure. With Professor Teresa Cremin