English 4 – 11 Picture Book Awards

Established in 1995, the English 4-11 Picturebook Awards are presented by the English Association to the best children’s picture books of the year. The winning books are chosen by the editorial board of English 4-11 journal for primary teachers published by the English Association and the United Kingdom Literacy Association, from a shortlist selected by a panel of teachers and Primary specialists.

The Margaret Mallett Award for Children’s Non-Fiction was established by the English Association in memory of Margaret Mallett, a Fellow of the English Association and a long-serving member of the editorial board of our journal ENGLISH 4 – 11, who passed on after a short illness in March 2017. Margaret was a passionate advocate for high quality books for children, and in particular non-fiction books.


Non- Fiction 4-7 Winner: In My Mosque by M. O. Yuksel and illustrated by  Hatem Aly (Farshore Books) ISBN: 978-1912650484

This joyful and positive  book invites the reader to step inside and meet warm, welcoming mosque communities  from all across the world. Join young Muslim children, their families and friends, as they learn, pray, eat, help others and play!

Fiction 4-7  The Forgettery by Rachel Ip and  illustrated by Laura Hughes (Farshore Books) ISBN:

Filled with warmth and gentle humour, The Forgettery is a beautifully written, sensitive look at dementia and memory loss without ever explicitly mentioning either. There is a wonderful playful and affectionate relationship between grandmother and granddaughter.


Non-Fiction 7-11 Rescuing Titanic written and illustrated by by Flora Delargy (Wide Eyed Editions) ISBN: 978-0711262768

Written and  beautifully illustrated by debut Northern Irish artist whose grandfather and great grandfather both worked in the Belfast Shipyards where the Titanic was built, this tells in rich detail how the little ship Carpathia saved 705 passengers of the Titanic from the icy waters of the North Atlantic.

Fiction 7-11 Winner: Winner A Cat Called Waverley  written and illustrated by Debi Gliori (Otter-Barry Books) ISBN: 978-1913074630

Based upon a true story this is a poignant and uplifting picturebook that introduces important social justice  topics, such as homelessness and post-traumatic stress disorder, to young readers – as well as the loyalty and value of pets . The mix of graphic novel style images and pencil drawings is both beautiful and effective

The Margaret Mallett Award for Children’s Non-Fiction

What It’s Like to Be A Bird by Tim Birkhead and illustrated by Catherine Rayner (Bloomsbury Publishing) ISBN: 978-1526604125. Covering not just what it might be like to fly like a bird, this beautiful book examines all the senses that might be engaged in a bird’s existence! What must it be like to feel the urge to migrate, to have a clock in one’s brain to let one know that an egg is to hatch imminently or to dance to attract a mate?  Considering the lives of a wide range of there is much to attract readers of all ages



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