Southwark TRG: an update from Jonathan Rodgers

The TRG group at CLPE in London is run by Librarian Phoebe Demeger and Advisory Teacher Jonny Rodgers. It’s quite a challenge – but an enjoyable one – to suggest new texts to discuss that our incredibly passionate and well and widely read group don’t already know, and the first getting-to-know-you session had some amazing recommendations, it was hard to write everything down. Phoebe has also done some wonderful read-aloud to start each session, of Alice McGinty and David Roberts’ ‘Bathe the Cat’ and Nicola Davies and Cathy Fisher’s ‘The New Girl’. We have also discussed Maisie Chan’s ‘Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths’ and later this month, we have settled on Isabel Roxas’s Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happen, a graphic novel. I sense many participants are reading every book we share! And of course very much enjoying sharing good practice in RfP.