The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2021

The Royal Society Young People's Book Prize aims to promote literacy in young people and to inspire them to read about science. It also supports the writing of excellent, accessible STEM books for under-14s.

The shortlist was selected by an adult judging panel, chaired by volcano scientist Katharine Cashman FRS, and featuring BBC broadcaster Gabby Logan, award-winning author Sharna Jackson, teacher Robin James and chemist Andy Jupp.

Then it was over to the scrutinising eyes of 11,500 young judges, drawn from 537 schools, science centres, and community groups from across the UK, to read and declare their champion. The winner was announced at an award ceremony in March 2022.

These groups can be formed anywhere, from schools and libraries to youth groups, scout/brownies or science centres. Participation is open to any group under 14 who are able to read and discuss the shortlist and vote for what they think is the best book.

Each group taking part mirrors the adult short-listing panel, forming their own judging panel. They elect their own Chair, hold judging meetings, discuss the merits of each book and submitting their vote and comments to us to collate and determine the winner. All participating groups have an equal say in deciding the winner. Each group receives a judging pack with all the information they need to take part. The results from all the groups are then collated to determine the winner.

Over 450 judging panels receive a free set of shortlisted books – it’s a great opportunity to receive six brilliant books aimed at enthusing and exciting children about science. Contact for information about participating.

 Full details of the 2021 shortlist can be found here together with videos about getting involved and other resources for schools

Winner 2021: I am a book. I am a portal to the universe by Stefanie Posavec and Miriam Quick ISBN: 978- 0241408759 (Particular Books)

Scientist and lecturer Dr Andrew Jupp said: “I was looking for books that were particularly engaging or presented science in a new way. This book encouraged the reader to touch certain parts of the page to transfer bacteria, balance it on their head, and drop the book from a height – the interactivity of this book is what science is all about!” A refreshingly different and beautifully designed book that will stimulate discussion and engagement with scientific concepts

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