Blue Peter Awards 2022

Announced in a special edition of Blue Peter, the 2022 winners of The Best Story and The Best Book of Facts were voted for by hundreds of primary school children around the UK, after shortlists had been drawn up by a panel of judges.

The Best Story- The Last Bear by Hannah Gold. HarperCollins. ISBN: 978-0008411312


The Last Bear is a moving tale which brilliantly mixes an adventure in the Arctic Circle, which is full of danger and excitement, with a touching exploration of lonely April’s relationship with her father, the researcher whose job is the reason they are on Bear Island and a thought-provoking exploration of climate change and in particular the effect on polar bears. April’s determination to save Bear shows what a difference just one person can make. A thoroughly enthralling read and beautifully illustrated by Levi Pinfold.


The Best Book with Facts is Invented by Animals.  Christiane Dorion and illustrator Gosia Herba. Wide Eyed Editions ISBN: 978-0711260658.

This is an extremely accessible and enticing book, using humour and lively attractive illustrations to engage the reader. It explores how animal anatomy, behaviour and skills have influenced the development of a range of human inventions and has the animals talking in first person about how their physical traits and habits have influenced man’s creations. Packed full of interesting information, it not only highlights the remarkable capabilities of many creatures, but also shows how these qualities have been incorporated into the design of various objects and technologies.

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