OU Reading Schools Programme 2022-2023

Do you want to:

  • Improve children’s reading attainment?
  • Enhance children’s reading for pleasure and wellbeing?
  • Strengthen the leadership of reading?
  • Develop staff knowledge and practice to motivate all children?
  • Enrich home-school relationships around reading?

‘Since engaging with the research and working with The OU we have seen a transformation in our reading culture.’ English Hub Lead, London.

About the programme:

The OU’s year-long Reading Schools Programme will enable you to build a rich reading culture and curricula that will impact on children’s life chances. Pupils who read regularly and widely, benefit from higher attainment in English and across the curriculum. They have a richer vocabulary, wider knowledge of the world and enhanced wellbeing.

Now in its fourth year, the highly successful Reading Schools Programme: Building a Culture of Reading is aligned to the NC, the new Reading Framework (DfE, 2021), and the EEF school implementation process.

This blended programme enables sustained school development in Reading for Pleasure (RfP) through work with English leaders, SLT, Change Teams and whole school CPD . It combines research evidence, rigour and tailored support. This is a unique opportunity to develop staff knowledge and practice for RfP that impacts upon all children, particularly the lowest attaining 20%.

Find out more:

If you’re interested in learning more about this research-informed programme then get in touch with us at WELS-Reading-For-Pleasure@open.ac.uk




In other news

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