North Hykeham TRG: an update from Jayne Carter

Using padlet has been so beneficial for our TRG as it enables everything to be in one place (less clicking a real bonus!) as well as giving me the opportunity to be instantly responsive to discussions which come up during the meetings. For example, action plans can be updated, pre meeting reflections included & added to the padlet immediately for all to share as can useful websites or ideas to continue with our reading for pleasure progress. At our last meeting we discussed the benefits of a virtual group & although we all agreed actually being in the same room together would be hugely important, we did also acknowledge the positive attributes IT have given us. Information is there in a click, professional conversations can still happen, learning continues to be shaped & interestingly many commented on the increase for themselves in the type of information they are now accessing (more podcasts, audio resources for example). I have been so impressed with the ideas developed by our group; particularly in how gracious they have been in sharing what’s going well & supporting each other by offering possible solutions to improve everyone’s RfP improvement plan.