Wow! Comics are for EVERYONE!

Wow! Comics are for EVERYONE!

Following #OURfPBookBlether on 14th July where we discussed the place of comics and magazines in a rich reading diet, Ben Harris produced this collection of texts which includes some real gems to introduce to children.

Included alongside the download is a collection of posters, specially designed by the amazingly talented Kathryn Rosa Miller (@DreadfulKata) to support the place of reading comics and graphic novels at home and in school. Please do put these up around your classrooms and libraries, and send home to parents to get the message out there: “Wow! Comics are for EVERYONE!”

In other news

Summer 2023 RfP Conference

Thank you to everyone who joined us on 17th June in Milton Keynes for our summer 2023 RfP conference – Blethering Together: Sustaining the Pleasure