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Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2020

The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards –known as the Lollies – are a celebration of the funniest books for children and the winners are voted for by children themselves!

The award was set up by Scholastic UK in 2016, after the withdrawal of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and is supported by BookTrust and Michael Rosen- who instigated the formation of the Funny Prize during his term as Children’s Laureate. The intention with both awards was and is to focus attention on funny books, which are invaluable for creating readers, but which are often overlooked in other awards. The website provides teaching resources including fun activities for the summer holidays and how to vote, as well as class decoration packs!

After voting by tens of thousands of children, the annual children’s book award ceremony was held at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London on 6th February. The winners are:

Best Laugh Out Loud Picture Book:

Ten Fat Sausages by Michelle Robinson and Tor Freeman. Andersen Press ISBN: 978-1783447510

 Ten fat sausages sizzling in the pan… decide to escape, if they can! Come on the great escape through the kitchen as reader’s follow each sausage that decides to make a run for it. Will they succeed or will the cat, blender, plug hole or fan prove their downfall? Merciless and absolutely hilarious illustrations match the jaunty rhyming text perfectly.


Best Laugh Out Loud Book for 6-8-year-olds

World’s Worst Children 3 by David Walliams and Tony Ross. Harper Collins.  ISBN: 978-0008304591 

 Another collection of caustic, cautionary tales brought to life by the brilliant illustrations of Tony Ross. From ten-year old Hank and his endless pranks on his poor, long-suffering family, to Tandy and her titanic tantrums, these are truly horrible children and the legions of fans know exactly what to expect.


Best Laugh Out Loud Book for 9-13-year-olds

I Bet I Can Make You Laugh by Joshua Seigal, illustrated by Tom Wesson. Bloomsbury ISBN: 978-1472955487

 A brilliant anthology of funny poems including new ones from anthologist Joshua Seigal that demonstrates his subversive humour and insight into the world of children. A win that clearly shows the growing popularity of poetry.

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