Rochdale TRG – an update from Clare McGreevy

Rochdale TaRs Group was delighted to have the amazing Professor Teresa Cremin visit one of our evenings at Lowerplace School on Thursday 16th May 2019. It was a packed-out event even after a week of SATs and Teresa enthralled us all with her vast knowledge of RfP pedagogy. Over coffee and homemade biscuits, we discovered new reads, shared great practice and got swept away in some fabulous picture book stories.  Teresa also gave us invaluable advice about maximising the impact of our first ever RfP Rochdale Children's Festival. With Michael Rosen and Frank Cottrell Boyce amongst others attending, we are hoping this event will bring the whole town together to celebrate the life-affirming power of reading. Thanks Teresa for bringing your with your wit, wisdom and passion to Rochdale – what a fantastic penultimate end to our first year!