Shewsbury TRG_an update from Simone Goward

Being a part of a TRG has been a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded teachers from schools across Shrewsbury and the surrounding area. You can become caught in the bubble of your own school and children at times, so it is refreshing to find out about the work that teachers are doing in other local schools as well as the wider community on the OU RRP website.

In our reading group of schools, we have children getting comfortable with beanbags and blankets; a school who are taking their pupils to the SLS to choose books for their classes, and a class who now all have their own library cards and are regularly walking to the local library (there’s the added bonus here of physical activity and a lot of road safety experience).  We have children’s book clubs, parents invited into the classrooms by their children to read with them; pupil voice being recognised when ordering books for school and class libraries; teacher’s bookshelves of recommended reads, and teachers expanding their knowledge of genres beyond their own personal repertoire.

It’s a superb experience to be part of such a dedicated group of people and, I feel, we are just on the tip of the iceberg of what is to come.