TRG the Isle of Dogs an update from Sadie Phillips

Running a TRG for the OU/UKLA has really opened my eyes to a range of up-to-date, quality children’s literature, including Christopher Edge’s Infinite Lives of Maisie Day – a new firm favourite of mine. Not only has the TRG group allowed us to deepen our own reading repertoires and pedagogy, but it has also had a magical rippling effect on the children in our schools. It’s been wonderful to see and share so many exciting RfP projects this year, from reading huts in playgrounds to encourage reading for pleasure, to widening reading repertoires with ‘Big Up Your Book’ peer recommendations, as well as my own ‘Poet-tree’ project to boost children’s knowledge and enjoyment of poetry and reading aloud.

It’s been a real joy to see such a buzz around books as we’ve journeyed through the academic year together – sharing, developing and celebrating the impact our individual RfP projects. I have been blown away by the unwavering passion and excitement of the group members and their dedication to developing sustained, meaningful RfP strategies within their school settings. Their endless enthusiasm is infectious and, even as the group leader, I always come away with a head full of ideas and a list of brilliant books to be read!