West London TRG update

In our West London TRG we have teachers and librarians, our RfP projects include for example how librarians can share their expertise with as many children as possible; how to shift disengaged readers to engaged readers, how to nurture reading communities with reluctant or struggling readers and building a reading/writing community outside the classroom (a literal literacy shed!) We look forward to presenting our development work over the next sessions and add this to the website by the end of the academic year. 

Usually we’re based in a coffee shop on Ealing Common, but we relocated to the Alligator’s Mouth Bookshop in Richmond for our fourth session. Professional Development focused on members development areas and  graphic novels and poetry: two text types that members had identified in their initial audits as areas of need. Book blethering prompted critical discussion surrounding reluctant readers and how to build on books in ways that might begin to open doors into the world of children’s literature for the children that we work with.