OU/UKLA RfP Macclesfield Conference

Two of our TRG leaders, Simone Goward and Gemma Gibson, give their reflections on the recent OU/UKLA conference


The RfP OU/UKLA conference in Macclesfield was truly inspirational. It was a fantastic opportunity to collect practical ideas from teachers who have embedded the findings of the TaRs research into the heart of their classrooms and schools. 

In addition to listening to excellent speakers and attending some superb workshops, it was a perfect opportunity to talk to other people about the work that they are doing.

I came away feeling energised and with a gentle reminder to keep my own research focused in order for it to have the greatest impact on my children. I can't wait for the opportunity to attend another OU/UKLA RfP conference!


I have never been to a conference as inspirational as the Open University Reading for Pleasure Conference. The day started with some surprising statistics with regards to the importance of reading for pleasure in children and highlighted for me the significance of Teachers as Readers and teachers developing their own knowledge about children’s literature. The workshops provided me with many fantastic ideas of developing a reading community within my school, both short term and long term. The day concluded with the author MG Leonard sharing with us exactly what reading as a child did for her- a fantastic speech!

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