University of Cambridge TRG update

Our 2nd session was with a dedicated group of teachers and trainees – especially since it was the last day of the PGCE term! We had all revised our practice and began to commit to areas for development, trainees mostly chose to develop their knowledge about a specific area of children's literature. The Cambridge Education Faculty Library went above and beyond for us – we so enjoyed their 'Library Living Room' – a display of seasonal children's books, some of which they'd ordered in specially and mince pies! We reflected on how the environment shaped our responses: it was relaxed, social, some chose to read individually, some huddled round a book and others swapped recommendations. We discussed how this reflected what the TaRs research indicates, that reading environments make a difference to children’s pleasure in reading. We planned to build in more time for ‘comfy reading’ and to model this peace and quiet with optional conversations in school and discussed supporting children's engagement and stamina during this time. We also planned to establish more evidence about the children’s needs and views.  Roll on 2019  when we’ll be taking our research informed plans to action!