Dorset TRG update

Dorset Reading Partners is a charity that recruits, trains and equips volunteer reading partners to work 1:1 with children.  When I heard about the OU/UKLA Teachers' Reading Groups, I was keen for Dorset Reading Partners to get involved.  We are not teachers, but 'Reading for Pleasure' is our strapline.

Towards the end of October, following a launch evening in September, we had our first session with a good-sized group present.  We had also communicated with the schools we work in about the TRGs and many were interested to hear about it and what we were doing.  So we decided to produce a newsletter.  This has been emailed to our distribution list of volunteers involved in the TRG, our Trustees, Dorset Education Advisors and our local library.  All are offering us their support and our newsletter is about sharing how we can all help to encourage children to Read for Pleasure. You can download the newsletter below.